Collaborating with Design Factory to organize a workshop

Today we had 2 representatives from Design Factory (Mikelis Studers and Peter Tapio) visiting us in the Design Department of ARTS. We discussed about having a two day workshop for the students of Aalto University to experiment with e-textiles. The purpose of this workshop would be to bring together students from the different schools who are interested in the field of e-textiles or wearable technologies and encourage them to think about electronics from a textiles perspective. Quick prototypes, experiments and novel interactions with everyday textiles objects are some of the outcomes we can hope for..

We will post more about the workshop here as things get more concrete!

Thanks also to Markku Nousiainen from Aalto Media Factory who was there with us today and also introduced the fantastic Media Factory FabLab (in the making:)).

Upcoming workshop

We are organizing a workshop for the students of Textile dept. to familiarize them with the basics of electronics:

Introduction to textile Lighting and soft circuits
Are you interested in experimenting with lights or sound in your textile projects?

This is a perfect opportunity to come and try out the new soft materials that allow you to enhance your clothing or other textile objects. No previous knowledge in the area is necessary.

Venue: Textile Studios Date: 14 & 15 March 2012. 13-17 pm

Click here to read more about the workshop.

Building small sample soft-circuits

For our upcoming workshop, we made some simple soft circuits that we could use as a starting point to teach electronics to the textile to students with no prior knowledge.

The first one is a basic circuit, stitched with conductive yarn. It uses one button cell battery and a Lilypad LED light.

Raija made a nice crochet brooch with a LED light, that can be switched on and off with a metal snap button. Another nice start to making simple yet elegant e-textile objects..